Troubleshooting Data Export

When you start exporting claims into the staging tables, you may encounter errors in the beginning. This usually results from table definition issues. The HIPAA Claim Master displays a very detailed error message that tells you what claim has failed, at what field and, if applicable, what line. This information should help you to troubleshoot the problems. Sometimes you must fulfill serious detective work to find and correct issues.

Below are some of the most common errors.


Item Cannot Be Found


This error happens when a column that was selected for export does not exist in the Header table. In this particular case, it is the ClaimNo field. If you receive this error, go back to your table admin tool and check if the ClaimNofield is correct.


Multi-Step OleDB Operation Generated Errors


This is typically the message when the field definition in the database is different from the data. Here we see that the error occurred with the billing provider's specialty. The field definition in the table was set as varchar(10) and the value here "000000002331" has 12 digits causing the error.


Field Does Not Have a Default Value


The field ClaimNo is defined as "Not Null." But somehow this data was not present and the HIPAA Claim Master tries to update the table with a null ClaimNo.


Type Mismatch


This error occurs when the HIPAA Claim Master tries to "write a letter" to a field that is defined as "Integer," for example. The data type of the column does not match the data type of the value.


Claim Detail Errors


The errors with the claim detail table are similar; the error message indicates the line number where the error occurred.

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