Setting up Encryption

EDI Exchange allows you to set up the encryption for your EDI files. Follow the steps below.

1. Access the "Encryption Setup" window by selecting "Encryption Setup" under the "EDI Exchange" menu.

The encryption setup menu
2. The following window will appear.

The encryption setup screen
3. In this window define the following options:

General Encryption Options
Original Unencrypted Outbound Files
Keep a Copy in an 'Unencrypted' Folder — When the HIPAAsuite program creates an EDI file for a trading partner that has selected encryption, you can keep an unencrypted copy in the "Outbox/[trading partner]/Unencrypted" folder. This is useful when you need to go back to the file and check on problems.

Note: Once you encrypt a file with the public key of your trading partner, you will not be able to open it again. Only the owner of the private key can decrypt it and read it.

Delete the Original File — If you do not want to keep the unencrypted copy, select this option.
Key Pair Information
Name (e-mail) for Public Key — Enter name or e-mail that will be used to encrypt files for you by your trading partners.
Pass Phrase for Private Key — Enter passphrase here to decrypt files encrypted previously with the pass phrase.

Note: The keys are identified by the email address of their owner.

Crypto Program
GnuPG — Select this option if you have already installed the GnuPG software and want to use it.

Encryption Setup_GnuPG detected
The configuration using GnuPG

Note: When you select GnuPG, the program checks if the executable gpg.exe/gpg2.exe is present on your computer. If it is not found, you will have to specify the path manually or install the program first.

PGP Desktop — Select this option if you have already installed the PGP Desktop program and want to use it. You will see a different lower half of the screen, where you can indicate the location of the keys. PGP Desktop uses "key rings" — encrypted folders that contain all your keys. The location of these two files is very important for PGP Desktop.

Encryption Setup_PGP Desktop
The configuration using PGP Desktop
4. Once the settings are done, click the "Save" button. 

Encryption Setup_Save button
The "Save" button
5. The following notification will appear. Click the "OK" button.

Records Saved
Notification window

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