HIPAA 999 Master

HIPAA 999 Master

Decipher 999 Acknowledgements.

EDI depends on the 999 Functional Acknowledgements files and you need to know exactly what they mean to handle any issues. Our HIPAA 999 Master is the perfect tool to help you understand the coded messages within the 999 files. It will clearly point you to any errors and make it easy to solve your EDI problems. Save and archive your 999 files in a database.


For the exchange of information between computers to work reliably, trading partners need to communicate whether they received and accepted an EDI file or list the reasons for rejection. The 999 Functional Acknowledgment was designed for this purpose.

Whether a transaction set has been accepted or has any compliance issues the results will be listed within the 999 file. Since the information is encoded in EDI language it is notoriously difficult to read.

View 999 files with our HIPAA 999 Master. It translates any cryptic codes and turns the information into something that is easily readable. It will list each issue and specify where the errors were encountered. With the codes translated you can actually understand and solve any issues.

Export 999 files into any database with the HIPAA 999 Master. Load your 999 data into any database for further use and to recreate a report and image on any given file.

Working with 999 files has never been easier. Download the free trial today!


Features included with basic module:

  • Read and parse 999 EDI files
  • View and print acknowledgements

Connect to your own database

999 Functional Acknowledgement can be important documents that need to be retained for years. Since they are EDI files it is hard to access the information on the spot. Having the information in the database allows easy access at any time.

The HIPAA 999 Master is a great tool to archive all your EDI Functional Acknowledgment files and to have immediate access to the data without having to search through countless folder and files.

Bring order to Functional Acknowledgements with our HIPAA 999 Master. Download the free trial today!



The HIPAA 999 Master takes Functional Acknowledgement files and displays the information a clear format for people to understand. This image can be printed and saved to an image file. It supports TIFF and PDF formats.

Get our HIPAA 999 Master and don’t waste time decoding complex 999 files. Download the free trial today!

HIPAA Edi Editor

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HIPAA EDI Editor. The HIPAA EDI Editor is the indispensable tool for anyone working with HIPAA EDI files. You will never need Notepad again!

  • Line splitting
  • Line numbering
  • Color coding of segments
  • Find and replace
  • Copy, cut and paste

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