Creating Company Setup Table

You can create the Company Setup Table by following the steps below in the HIPAA Claim Master.

1. To configure the program options, select Setup arrow Create Company Setup Table in the main menu.

The "Create Company Setup Table" menu
2. The following screen will appear.

"Create Table" window
3. This window allows you to edit, save and run the table scripts.
4. Define the following options:
Microsoft SQL Server
Company Setup Table Script — SQL statements to create the Company table in your database.

Tip: You can modify the scripts so that they run on your specific database.

5. Once you have you modified the script, click "Save."

The "Save" button
6. Click "Execute Script" to create the table in the database.

The "Execute Script" button
7. Once the table has been created successfully, you will see the following notification:

The success message

Warning: Executing the script will wipe out any previous table you have created. Remove the script files once you are satisfied so nobody can occasionally destroy the database table.

Make sure there are no any error messages for successful table creation.

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