4 Defining Communications Directory

EDI file directory is an obligatory setting you need to set up before starting using the EDI Exchange. In order to keep track of the thousands of EDI files that accumulate over time, EDI Exchange uses a folder structure which we call the "HIPAAsuite Communications Directory" or "HIPAAsuiteCommDir" in short. In it, you will find all your EDI files sorted into several categories:


Within these directories, there will be folders for each Trading Partner and type of transaction. The location and names of the sub-folders are handled in the "Trading Partner Setup." See Setting up Trading Partners.

Follow the instructions below to specify EDI communications root directory.

1. Select "EDI Exchange Setup" under the "EDI Exchange" menu item.

The "EDI Exchange Setup" menu item
2. The following window will appear.

The "EDI Exchange Setup" window

Note: The icon in the lower left corner indicates that EDI Exchange has not been initialized yet.

3. Under "EDI Exchange Directory Setup" specify the following setting:

Root Directory Path — Define the root path in the "Root Directory Path" text field. The root path is the folder where all your EDI files reside. EDI Exchange will later create sub-directories required to operate. 

The root communications directory setup
4. Click "Save."

The "Save" button

After setting the root directory, you can click the "Initialize EDI Exchange" button. Read more in Initializing EDI Exchange.

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