Setting up Email Notifications

EDI Exchange can send emails to operators and trading partners to notify them about files and processing results. This functionality of EDI Exchange lies beyond the most basic setup that the initialization checks for. For this feature to work properly, you need to set up an email server which EDI Exchange communicates with. You can do this in the "Email Server Information" frame of the setup screen. Follow the instructions below.

1. Select "EDI Exchange Setup" under the "EDI Exchange" menu item.

The "EDI Exchange Setup" menu item
2. The following window will appear.

The "EDI Exchange Setup" window
3. Specify the following email options:

Email Server Information
SMTP server
Sender's email address
SMTP server requires logon
Connect to the SMTP server via the SSL protocol
Use port

Setting up the email server

Note: If you do not have this information, please ask your administrator to set this portion up for you.

4. To configure email notifications, specify the following options: 

Email Notification
Send email notice of newly arrived files? — Use this checkbox to define if you want to send email notice once new files have arrived.
Recipients — You can add your staff's email(s) and the processing messages will be sent to these emails.

Enter an email address and click "Add."

Setting up the email recipients

The email address will appear in the list. 

Added email recipient

5. Click on the "Test" button to verify your settings.
6. Click on the "Save" button.

The "Save" button


Troubleshooting Email Settings

If you have problems with setting up the email server, please contact your administrator. He/She should know  values to specify and how to test the settings.

Below is an example of what happens when the email server does not respond.

After a time out, you get a failure notice

After acknowledging the failure, you get a more detailed error message in the process result screen.

The process result screen with a detailed error message

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