Creating 834 EDI Files from the Attached Database

Once the EDI creation is enabled, you can create the EDI files. Follow the instructions below.

1. To configure the company, select Data Base arrow Create 837 EDI Files in the main menu.

The menu item to create EDI files under the "Data Base" menu

Alternatively, you can click the "Create 837 EDI File" button in the query builder ("Exported Claims" window). Refer to Exporting the Data.

The "Create 837 EDI File" button located on the "Exported Claims" screen
2. Clicking the button will bring up the "Create 837 Transaction Sets" window with the query that you designed.

The fields are described in Understanding the "Create 837 Transaction Sets" Window.
3. After you have filled all necessary values, click "Go!"

The "Create 837 Transaction Sets" window with the highlighted "Go!" button
4. You will see a confirmation dialog like this. Click "Yes."

The verification message before the EDI records are created
5. After you click "Yes," the process of assembling the claims to the 837 files starts. You can see the progress bar on the bottom pane. 

Progress bar at the bottom of the screen keeps you informed about the process
6. The bottom pane informs you about the number of transactions created.

The bottom pane displaying the number of created EDI transactions
7. The EDI text is now displayed in the bottom part of the window.

The EDI file content displayed
8. Now you can write down the EDI text that is still in memory and visible in the text box to a file. Click on the "Write to File" button and you will have the choice to write in the default location which is the trading partner's outbox, or specify any other location:
Use default path and names
Select path and names

The "Write to File" button
9. After successful writing, you get a message where the file was written to.

The confirmation message that the file was successfully written


Viewing the Saved Files

The button "View EDI File" is now enabled and you can bring up the EDI Editor to view it.

The "View EDI File" button highlighted

The following preview window will open.

EDI preview window

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