Requesting EDI Exchange License

If your trial has expired, you can request an extension to the trial.

If you purchased the product and need a final license key, you should request an EDI Exchange license.

Follow the instructions below to request a trial or final license key.


1. Select "Request EDI Exchange license" under the "EDI Exchange" menu item.

Request EDI Exchange License
A menu item to request a license key
2. Once you have clicked this menu item, your default email application appears. In our case, it is Microsoft Outlook. All information necessary to produce the key is automatically filled out. 

Email message created by EDI Exchange
3. You can add a trial extension or a final key after purchasing or relocating the software.

Once you receive the response with the key for EDI Exchange, you can bring the "Registration Form" screen up again and click on "Register". Enter the key to unlock EDI Exchange. In the Result area, you will see that EDI Exchange has been registered.

Entering the license key

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