Running the Application from the Command Line

The HIPAA Claim Master can be used through other applications. A single 837-claim file can be read and displayed on the screen by using the HIPAA Claim Master executable with the EDI filename as an argument. This can be an important feature for a work flow application where a claim can be called up to the screen.

Calling the HIPAA Claim Master from the DOS prompt with the Claim EDI file as argument

The result is that the claim will be displayed on the screen without the usual frame of the HIPAA Claim Master application.


The claim displayed on the screen without the HIPAA Claim Master program frame.

If a "P" is used as a second argument, the claim will be printed without ever being displayed.

Claim Master returns -1 if any errors occurred in the process, and 0 if there was no error messages. It is really triggered by the error logging. So, any error that would make it to the log will cause the program to return -1.

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