Configuring Claim Forms

The introduction of the National Provider ID (NPI) brought new claim forms. All three types of claims now have a form that contains the NPI. The HCFA-1500 became the CMS-1500, the UB92 was replaced with the UB04 and the ADA 2006 replaced the earlier versions.

You can choose which forms to use and it will give you the choice to either print the form and the data or to suppress the form, so that only the data appears. This is important if you want to print on pre-printed forms or use OCR to read the data.


1. To configure the program options, select Setup arrow Claim Forms in the main menu.

The "Claim Forms" menu
2. The following screen will appear.

The "Claim Forms" window
3. You can configure the following options:
Auto Form Selection
Dental Claims
Professional Claims
Institutional Claims

They are described further below.

4. Once you have finished editing the options, click "Save."


Auto Form Selection

Check this option to automatically select the forms. The system selects the forms based on the following logics. If NPI is present in Billing Provider's information, then choose new Forms with NPI, otherwise use forms pecified below.

Tip:We recommend to activate this setting. Older Pre-NPI claim files will then be displayed in the old forms while newer files with NPI will be rendered in the new forms.


Dental, Professional, Institutional Claims

Select the forms for the following claims:

Dental Claims
Professional Claims
Institutional Claims

Specify the following settings:

Scale — The UB04 form is bigger than the other claim forms. It is 12" x 9" instead of the customary 8 1/2" x 11" and it usually does not print in its entirety due to the print margins. For that reason it is possible to scale the form down to a printable size.
Don't print form, just data — Additionally, you have the choice to print just the data and suppress the form. 
Tip:This feature comes in handy when you want to print to pre-printed forms or if you have an OCR system that does not need the forms.

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