Viewing Image Files

The HIPAA Claim Master has a built-in image viewer that uses light weight dll's to display TIFF and PDF images. It also allows you to navigate through the folder structure that has been set up.

Select Image arrow Image Viewer in the main menu to access the "Image Viewer" window.

The "Image Viewer" menu

The following window will appear:

The "Image Viewer" window

The Viewer lets you navigate through multi-page documents with the navigation buttons in the upper left corner of the image. You can adjust the display size according to your monitor size or preferences in the upper right corner.

The left panel lists all generated TIFF and PDF files. Click a file name to display its content.

TIFF: Microsoft Windows has a Windows Photo Viewer that renders TIFF images. Unfortunately, it is not that practical. It omits lines in lower magnification and makes the image look sloppy, but is sufficient for most. There are much better TIFF viewers out there but we will not make any recommendations.

PDF: PDF files can be opened with Acrobat Reader by Adobe, which is available for free. There are also other free PDF viewers and editors. We will not make any recommendations.

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