Creating Image Files from EDI

The HIPAA Claim Payment Master displays the EDI document in a page that makes it easy to read the 835 transactions. You can create image files containing the data that you see in Screen mode. The following formats are supported:


You can create image files manually or automatically using the command line arguments and Windows Scheduler. Read more in:

Before creating image files, make sure all settings are defined correctly. Read more in:

Follow the instructions below to create an image file from EDI file.

Notice: The image file will be created based on the pre-defined settings. Read more in Doing Image SetupAdjusting Image OptionsConfiguring Image Index.

1. Open an EDI file or directory containing the EDI files in the HIPAA Claim Payment Master. Read more in Processing a Payment Advice FileOpening a Folder Containing EDI Files.

The "Open document" button

The "Open Directory" menu
2. Select the "Image File" option in the "Output Mode" block.

The "Image File" option
3. Click on the "Run" button.

The "Run" buttons
4. The "Processing Results" window displays the report. You can find the resulting TIFF or PDF files in the specified folder.

The "Processing Results" window


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