Registering EDI Exchange

EDI Exchange is licensed separately from the host application, HIPAA Claim Master, for example. The reason is that EDI Exchange will work on all HIPAAsuite Products that are installed on your particular computer. For example, if you have HIPAA Claim Master and HIPAA Enrollment Master licensed, only one license of EDI Exchange is needed and the module will work across two products.

When you first install a HIPAAsuite product of your choice, a 15-day EDI Exchange trial is included. Once the trial expires, EDI Exchange loses its functionality. The menu items under "EDI Exchange" become disabled except the last ones that allow you to license and enable the product.

EDI Exchange menu_unavailable items

The "EDI Exchange" menu with menu items disabled

You can register the product by clicking on the "EDI Exchange License Information" option under the "EDI Exchange" menu.

"EDI Exchange License Information" option under the "EDI Exchange"

Then the license screen appears. In the lower left corner you can find the unique registration number needed to create either trial extensions or final licensing.

The license information screen

Once you click on "Register," you can enter the license key that you have previously received via email from us (seeĀ Requesting EDI Exchange License.) Click on "Register" and you will see the registration message in the "Result" area.

Extending the trial by entering a license key

Close the "Registration Form" and continue using the EDI Exchange.

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