Creating Image Files from EDI

The greatest disadvantage of electronic claims is that they are near impossible to understand in raw form. Storing an image associated with a claim makes a lot of sense for the most HIPAA Claim Master's users. If you have an investment in a claim imaging system, you can now create images from EDI files and treat them in your imaging system just like scanned images from paper claims. If your staff can understand a claim on a UB04 in a second, why not make it available in this form? Having an image file makes it possible for case workers to call up an image of the claim in seconds.

The HIPAA Claim Master can also be used to create image files and PDFs of the EDI claims. Image file creation is a component that can be licensed separately.

The HIPAA Claim Master displays the EDI document in a page that makes it easy to read the 837 transactions. The following formats are supported:

PDF — The PDF files have searchable meta information in them.

Note: Earlier versions of the HIPAA Claim Master used a third party image printer driver. This is no longer necessary. The HIPAA Claim Master now has PDF and TIFF capabilities built-in.

Certain parameters of the formats are adjustable.

This is the same information that is in the image index files. This small subset of the claim data plus the image path and filename serves most image libraries well.

Image filename is also exported to the claim export. Here, we can also associate an image filename with the more complete claim data.

You can create image files containing the data that you see in Screen mode. You can create image files manually or automatically using the command line arguments and Windows Scheduler. Read more in:

Before creating image files, make sure all settings are defined correctly. Read more in:

How to Create Image Files

Follow the instructions below to create an image file from EDI file.

Notice: The image file will be created based on the pre-defined settings. Read more in Doing Image Setup, Configuring Image Index.

1. Open an EDI file or directory containing the EDI files in the HIPAA Claim Master. Read more in Processing an Electronic Claim, Processing an Entire Directory.

The "Open Document" button

The "Open Directory" menu
2. Select the "Image File" option in the "Output Mode" block.

The "Image File" mode
3. Click on the "Run" button.

The "Run" buttons
4. The "Processing Results" window displays the report. You can find the resulting TIFF or PDF files in the specified folder.

The "Processing Results" window

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