3 Defining Auto-Processing Options

In the "Auto-Process Setup" you can instruct the program on what to do after analyzing and decrypting the received files in the Inbox Manager. The auto processing enables you to combine and run multiple fulfillment steps together (for example, export, saving, printing.) These options are important for the hand-over from EDI Exchange to the other HIPAAsuite program that hosts EDI Exchange.

Follow the instructions below to specify the Auto Process Options.

1. Select EDI Exchange arrow Autoprocess Setup in the main menu.

The "Autoprocess Setup" menu item
2. The following screen will appear if the host HIPAA application is Enrollment Master.

Defining the Auto Processing Options
3. The following options can be specified:

Check Path Options

Check FTP servers for new files — If checked, EDI Exchange automatically looks for new files for all trading partners that have FTP connection set up. Then the program gets all the waiting files and puts them into the Inbox. In the second step, it goes through every file.

Default Automatic Processing Options

Export in Database — If selected, the module exports new files to the database.
Print —  If selected, the module prints files using the selected printer.
Create Auto-Response —  If selected, the module creates an auto-response to the received files.
Save to — If selected, the system automatically saves files as:
4. Click "Save."

The "Save" button

Once you have saved the auto-processing options, the files will not only be analyzed but also processed according to the defined settings. Proceed to the next step: Defining Communications Directory.

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