About Creating EDI Files

With the version 4.1, the creation of EDI files from database records was introduced. This is a powerful and important addition to the capabilities of the HIPAA Claim Master. Now you can create EDI files from your claim records whether they were imported into the database via EDI files or originated from your own claim system. This is an add-on component of the HIPAA Claim Master and needs to be licensed in order to use it.

The licensing of the database integration component is required to use this feature.

Note: HIPAA compliant EDI files are not easily created from records that don't originate from EDI. It might take a while to produce compliant records for several reasons:

You might not have every field that is required by the implementation guides
The data that you have is not formatted according to the HIPAA guides
Data might have to be assembled from across your enterprise's applications

We recommend that you also purchase and employ the EDI Exchange module. This way you can check each individual claim record before it is written to the EDI file and you can even suppress records that are not created without compliance warnings.

The menu item to create EDI files under the "Data Base" menu

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