Accessing EDI Receive Log

EDI Exchange has a file log. Each processed file creates an entry in the Trans_Log table. You can access the "EDI Log" window to query this table and see what files came in and how they were processed. You can access the EDI Receive Log once the application has been initialized. Follow the instructions below.

1. To open the "EDI Log" window, select "EDI Receive Log" under the "EDI Exchange" menu item.

The menu for the EDI Receive Log
2. To display data, specify the time period and select trading partner.
Time Period — Period of time when the file was processed. Choose one of the available options:
Receive Date
Load Date
Trading Partner Name — You can select your trading partner from the list. If you select "---All---", all your trading partners will be included.
3. Click on the "Find Log Files" button to see the list of log files corresponding to your query.

edi receive log window
Specifying the time period
4. The log will be displayed in form of a tree.

edi receive log window_button clicked
Displayed log
5. You can open the folder icons and see details related to each file.

edi receive log window1
Details of the EDI Receive Log

If the records have been exported to the database, you can see the time, date and record count.

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