Familiarizing with the Interface

The Top Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top shows the following menu items:

File — Contains all file-related activities such as opening a file or opening a directory, printer selection, and exiting the program.
Forms — Lets you see and print all of the 7 different claim forms that the HIPAA Claim Master renders.
View — Gives you access to the built-in EDI Editor, and it lets you show or hide the info bar.
Search — Brings up the EDI search tool.
Database — Gives you access to database setup and the claim database. See Exporting the Data for details.
Logs — Lets you see the logs of file processing. See Accessing Daily File Log.
Setup — Gives you access to the different setup screens. See Configuring Program Options, Configuring Specific Options, Configuring Claim Forms.
Help — Shows the documentation and context sensitive help topics.

Note: There may be additional menu items if you have licensed modules. Each module adds a separate menu. See Enabling Application Components.

The Task Bar

The taskbar has the most important functions accessible through quick launch icons.

The Info Bar

The info bar is located in the left part of the interface. This panel displays the file information and has the "Run" button to start processing files. If you do not see the info bar, there is the "Info Bar" menu item that shows it (the last button located on the task bar also toggles the info bar). When you work with files, the info bar is indispensable, but when working with a database, it is optional.

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