HIPAA Health Plan Package

HIPAA Health Plan Package

Complete HIPAA EDI at an unbeatable price.

A package that allows Payers to manage the complete life cycle of a healthcare claim and related HIPAA EDI transactions. It contains all the EDI tools you need at a discounted price. Stay ahead of the healthcare industry mandates and become HIPAA compliant.

Package Includes

HIPAA claim master

claim master

Advanced application that manages all aspects of healthcare claims and processes your daily 837 transactions.

HIPAA claim payment master

claim payment master

Effectively transforms your 835 files into precise, readable forms that take all the guesswork out of payment Information.

HIPAA claim status responder

claim status responder

Substantially reduces time spent researching claim status queries.

HIPAA eligibility responder

eligibility responder

Serves up patient insurance eligibility data in real time, offering HIPAA and CORE compliance for 270/271 transactions.

HIPAA realtime server

realtime server

A self hosted web service that is CORE Phase I + II compliant and handles SOAP and MIME requests in batch or real-time mode.

HIPAA EDI Exchange

EDI Exchange

Securely transports EDI files, manages trading partners, and performs HIPAA compliance checks.


EDI Editor

Conveniently formats and transforms your EDI into easily readable files. View organized data with ease without the need for Notepad.

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