Custom File Naming Conventions

Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) demand that a carrier adheres to File naming conventions. These file naming conventions enable a reader to quickly determine the date, time, sender, recipient, etc. of a particular file among other files without the need to open them individually. The custom File Naming Convention option enables you to create a file naming convention scheme tailored to your (or your trading partner's) requirements.

Custom File Naming Convention option highlighted

Selecting the Custom option in the File Naming Convention dropdown menu option and clicking the Custom File Naming button below it:

Custom File Naming button enabled

will bring up the screen pictured below. This screen is used to create file naming conventions for a particular trading partner. These examples will use the 835 file type as an example, but all file types the HIPAASuite product represents (as well as TA1s and 999s) can have their own file naming convention applied to each trading partner. The following picture shows the file name customization screen with the default building blocks for an 835 EDI file.

File Naming Customization screen with default custom file naming convention



Here we can create a custom file naming convention for a specific file type. The file types available will depend on the HIPAASuite product used to create the file naming convention. To change the file type, select it from the file type dropdown menu:

Changing the filetype


Creating the file naming convention

A coherent file naming convention can be created by clicking and dragging elements into order. Present elements can be reordered by clicking and dragging them into position:

Click-dragging an element into position

Existing elements can be removed by clicking the X to the right of the element:

Deleting an element

The greyed-out elements towards the bottom of the screen can be added to the custom file naming convention by clicking and dragging them into place:

Adding a file name element

To discard the current changes and start over with the default file naming convention, click the Restore default file name button.

Restore default file name button


Saving or discarding

Finally, the custom file naming convention can be saved by clicking Save file name or discarded by clicking Close.

Save button on file name customization screen

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