Filling CodeSet Tables

Loading a Codeset Table can be done using a .xlsx spreadsheet, comma separated value (csv) textfile, or space delimited textfile. The following examples assume you have already opened a codeset's edit screen and will use the Diagnostic Codes codeset as an example.

The Diagnosis Codes codeset editing window.

 Tip: The diagnosis codes according to the International classification of Diseases (ICD) in the 9th revision are published by Ingenix or the AMA for example. You can also download them from the CDC-National Center for Health Statistics.

Loading from XLSX

1. Click the Load from XLSX file button.
The "Load ICD-9 Codes" button
2. Select an XLSX file to use by writing its full filepath or clicking the file selection button.

File selection button
3. Select a code type if applicable.

Code type selection for diagnosis codes.
4. Click the Load Codes button.


Loading from Text File

There are two ways to determine column position from a text file in order to build a table: with a delimiter such as a comma or semicolon in a character delimited file or knowing the each column's position in a fixed width file.

1. Click the Load from TXT file button.
Click the "Load ICD9 Codes" button.
2. Select a filetype to load the codesets from. Select File with positions if the codeset text file you wish to save to the database is a fixed width file or File with delimiters if the codeset file is character-delimited.
Text file type selection.
a. File with positions / fixed width - Select fixed width file that you downloaded or have available on CD/DVD. 

The layout of the text file is usually the code in position 1 through 12, and the description in position 13 through 44. If the first line contains headers, you can step over the headers by checking the box labeled First line in file contains headers.

Clicking Try One Line will open a message box with a single example row from the text file.
Click Load Codes to fill the database table.
b. File with delimiters / character delimited - Select fixed width file that you downloaded or have available on CD/DVD.

The delimited text file is usually delimited by a comma. The layout usually contains the codes in field 1 and full description in field 3. If the text file includes the column headers, check the box labeled First line in file contains headers.

Clicking the Try One Line button will open a message box with a single row from the text file as an example.
Click the Load Codes button to fill the database table.

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