Creating Code Look-up Tables

EDI is all about saving space and using code sets to represent more lengthy circumstances. But often it would be more convenient to have the descriptions of a revenue or procedure code visible instead of looking it up or knowing it by heart.

Important codes are

Procedure Codes (HCPCS,CPT, Dental and ICD procedure codes)
Revenue Codes
Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9 and ICD-10)

There are tens of thousands of codes and they are mostly available at the CMS web site or other web searches. The HIPAA Claim Master provides a database schema to create cross reference tables for those codes.

When we go to the menu item Database --> Code Look-up tables we see this screen


The Code Look-up form with tabs for Procedure, Revenue and Diagnosis codes

If you have already in your database a table that contains Procedure codes and their long and short descriptions, you can link to it in this form. Fill in your table name and open it and select the fields that contain the information.

If you don't have already a table with the procedure codes and and want to create a new table, you can go to Database --> Code Look-up table and then click on the the blue sentence "You can create..."

The following form will come up


The form to create and fill the look up table

Since the table does not exist we press the button :"Create table CODE" and we will see this form

The form with the script to create the look-up table

We click on the :Execute Script" button and create the table and close the form. Now the previous form has changed.


The form to manage procedure codes

The table is created but is empty, so now we can load the codes that we obtained separately. Maybe your company has a subscription to the code data as Ingenix, for example, sells, or you find them on the internet. We click on "Load from XLSX file" and navigate to the file. The spreadsheet has been created earlier and has the following layout:

First column the code, second the long description and third the short description.


Loading a previously prepared spread sheet with the HCPCS codes.

We navigate to the file and select it. Then we select the correct code type: HCPCS in our case and press on the button "Load Codes" Within a few seconds the file's codes are loaded into the database and now we can see the values.


The screen after the codes have been loaded

Procedure codes are now loaded and in the database. We can add other codes such as CPT and Dental codes to it. If you have duplicate codes in other files that you load, you will see a message that the code is already in the table and will not be loaded again.


Revenue Codes and Diagnosis Codes work very similar. Go to the menu Code Sets --> Revenue Codes

The menu Revenue Codes

Now the same form that you used for the procedure codes comes up only that it now points to a table "RevenueCodes"

The third table that gets created and filled the same way is the diagnosis code table. You can reach it form the Code Sets menu under "Diagnosis Codes"

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