Running the Application via Scheduler

EDI Exchange integrates with the Windows Scheduler to allow the automation of the EDI file exchange process. You can set up EDI Exchange to go out to the trading partner's FTP server, download files, decrypt and compliance check them and further process them with the appropriate HIPAAsuite application, for example load claims into a SQL database.

Follow the instructions below to schedule the EDI files exchange process.

1. Select "Automatic Scheduler" under the "EDI Exchange" menu. 

Automatic Scheduler
The "Automatic Scheduler" menu item
2. In the opened window, right click and choose the "Scheduled Task" menu item.

Scheduled Tasks_New_W7
Task Scheduler in Windows Vista onwards.

In Windows XP, the Scheduled tasks directory looks like this:
Scheduled Tasks_New
The "Scheduled Task" menu item in Windows XP.

See "Running the Application via Scheduler" in the help of the host HIPAA application for detailed instructions on how to schedule a task.

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