Configuring Program Options

To configure the program options, select Setup arrow Options in the main menu.

The "Options" menu

Alternatively, you can click on the "Setup" button located on the main toolbar.

The "Setup" button

The following screen will appear.

The "Options" window

You can configure the options described below.

Once you have finished editing the options, click "Save."


The following option is available:

Never Check for Update — Select this option in order not to automatically connect to server and check for program updates.

Log All File Processing

The HIPAA Claim Payment Master has the ability to keep a log of EDI file processing. The log writing is mandatory in the program. See Log.

The following option is available:

Log All Processing Except Viewing — Manual operations other than viewing on screen will be logged.

Display Option

The following option is available:

One Page per Claim — Select this option to put the image of a single claim on one page or a single image file. In the following image, you can see the second claim of a payment. The header information is repeated on each page. If this option is selected, then you can specify the rule for giving the names to your image files (see Doing Image Setup, "Individual Image Filename" options).
One Claim after Another - Select this option to list the claims one after the other. In the following image, you can see that one claim is displayed after the other.

"The One Page per Claim" mode

"The One Claim after Another" mode

Document Color

You have the choice to render the form in red or in black. The following options may be defined:

Note: The data is always black.

On Screen - Choose a color for the form when displaying claims on screen.
On Paper - Choose a color for the form when printing claims.
On Images - Choose a color for the form when saving claims to image files.

Processed Files

Since the HIPAA Claim Payment Master program can be launched by the Window's scheduler (see Running the Application via Scheduler), it is important to either move or delete processed files, so that they will not be picked up again. You have the choice to either do nothing, move the processed files to a specific folder or delete the files:

Leave in Place - Select this option to do nothing with processed files.

Note: Not recommended.

Move - Select this option to move the processed files to a specified folder.
Delete - Select this option to delete the processed files.

Outbox Directory Path

Specify the place where the result files (images, PDFs) will be located.

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