Stored Patients

Stored patients can be viewed and edited in this screen. To open the Stored Patients editor, click Claim Entry/Edit and then Stored Patients:

Stored patients menu option

A new window containing all patients, both subscribers and dependents, will be opened. To create the StoredPatient table, see Provider, Patient and Payer Tables.

Stored Patient editing screen

The table contains all patients present in the StoredPatient table. Selecting a patient in the table will fill out the Patient Information form. Editing the fields and clicking Save Patient into Database will modify the contents of the selected patient's row to match your changes.

To create a new patient, click the New Patient button below the Stored Patients table, fill in the Patient Information, and click the Save Patient into Database button to save the new patient.

To delete an existing patient, select the patient in the Stored Patients table and click the Delete Patient button.

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