Creating CodeSet Tables

Some codesets are so numerous that it does not make sense to store them in an XML file. There are more than 25,000 procedure and revenue codes and more than 15,000 diagnosis codes in ICD-9 alone. For that reason we decided to store Procedure Codes, Diagnosis Codes, Revenue Codes and ZIP codes in the database. In the following example a Diagnosis Code table will be created.

Note: You need to configure the connection to the database first. See Setting up Database Connection.

1. Select DataBase arrow Code Look-up Tables in the main menu.

The Code Look-up Tables menu option from the main menu bar

 Alternately, a specific codeset's editor can be opened by clicking the appropriate Procedure, Diagnostic or Revenue Code option from either the Code Sets menu or the Claim Entry/Edit arrow Claim Entry/Edit CodeSets menu option.

2. The Code Set edit screen will appear.

The "Diagnosis Code" window
3. Initially the table does not exist in your database. To create the table, click the "Create table DIAGNOSIS" button.

The "Create table DIAGNOSIS" button
4. A table creation window will be displayed. 

The "Create DIAGNOSIS Table" window
5. Select the appropriate database and click the Execute script" button and the table will be created. 

The "Create DIAGNOSIS Table" with the "Execute" button highlighted
6. You will receive a success message like this. Click OK.

The success popup
7. Once the table has been created, you are redirected back to the "Diagnosis Codes" window. It looks different now and indicates that the newly created table exists.

The "Diagnosis Codes" window with the empty table

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