Requesting a Trial Extension

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Once your trial period has expired, the application will stop working. If you want to continue your trial of the product, then you will need to send your request to the support team. Follow the instructions below.

1.Launch the application. Read more in Starting the Application.
2.Click on the "Ask for trial Extension" button on the displayed window.
The "Ask for trial extension" link
3.The "Features and Licenses" window opens. Define the necessary options and click the "Request Trial License" button.
Enrollment Master_Request Trial License
The "Features and Licenses" window with highlighted "Request Trial License" button

Note: The "Features and Licenses" window can also be accessed via the "Features and Licenses" menu under the "Help" main menu.

4.The following options are available:
Product Features — The list of features that can be enabled/disabled. The "Add to License Request" checkbox allows you to request a license for the current feature. A trial license covers all these features by default. The capabilities of the software are split into licensed features. The base model allows the viewing and printing of enrollment records. Image file creation, database connectivity, and 834 creation are separately licensed features:
Image Creation — Find more information about the feature in Creating Image Files.
Work with Database — Find more information about the feature in Exporting the Data.
File Creation — Find more information about the feature in Creating ASCII Flat Files.
EDI Exchange — Find more information in the "EDI Exchange" chapter.
5.Clicking on the "Request Trial License" button will create an email to HIPAAsuite with the registration number so they can then create the extension key. For example, this will open Outlook with the following data inserted:
Subject: [HIPAA Enrollment Master][123456789]: Request for trial extension key
Request for Trial License Extension
Product: HIPAA Enrollment Master
Volume ID: 123456789
Already licensed features:
Image Creation,
File Creation,
Work with Database
Required new features: No new features selected to request for license
Current Key:

The trial extension request email

5.The response from the support team should include an activation key.
6.Once you have received the activation key, click "Register" on the program welcome window.
The "Register" button
7.Paste the activation key into the field on the Registration Form and then click "Register."
The "Registration Form" window with entered license key and highlighted "Register" button
8.The success message will appear in the "Result" border.
The license activation result
Click "Close".
9.Once the license key has been entered, click "Try" on the welcome window to continue using the program for another 15 days.
The "Try" button