About HIPAA Enrollment Master

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is standardized in the USA and behind much of the economic success of this country. From ATM transactions over phone bills between carriers to Wal-Mart's supply chain, commerce relies on standardized electronic data interchange.

The HIPAA act mandates that "Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance" transactions need to be transmitted in a standardized way. The 834 standard is designated to contain benefit enrollment and personal maintenance data. Typically, such information is exchanged between a benefit sponsor such as a government program or private employer, and an insurance company or a trade union and its third party administrator (TPA). The 834 Transaction is the HIPAA-compliant Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Transaction. Its purpose is to electronically transmit enrollment and dis-enrollment information.

The HIPAA Enrollment Master is a powerful tool to work with EDI 834 enrollment transaction files.

What is an EDI file?

X12 is an ASCII standard. This means that all the content of a transmission consists of ASCII characters. ASCII or text files can be viewed and edited with a regular text editor. Below you see an EDI file opened with Notepad. It opens alright but since EDI does not use line feeds and carriage returns to mark the end of a line, an EDI document is usually very hard to view.

A view of raw EDI data

The HIPAA Enrollment Master parses 834 EDI files and the information for each individual transaction is extracted. Code sets are translated into their descriptions. The result can either be:

displayed on the screen,
printed to image, PDF and paper,
saved as delimited ASCII file,
saved as MS Excel spreadsheet,
exported to any ODBC-compliant database like MS SQL Server, Oracle or IBM AS400.

Enrollment records can be viewed from the database and packaged in a new EDI 834 file.

The HIPAA Enrollment Master is a configurable EDI translator as well as it allows to view and "read" EDI information without much training and without wading through obscure EDI files. EDI files that contain Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Records can now be parsed with the HIPAA Enrollment Master.