Exporting the Data

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The HIPAA Enrollment Master can export enrollment records into any ODBC- or OleDB-compliant database. Exchanges with Microsoft SQL Server and IBM AS400 have been successfully demonstrated. The HIPAA Enrollment Master uses two tables, EDI_Enrollment and EDI_Benefits, that serve as staging tables for your own system. We recommend that you establish these two tables and process the data from these staging tables into your system and apply your business rules. Once you have the data in a format that is legible to your specific system and experts, you can easily work from those tables.

The HIPAA Enrollment Master relies on Open Database connectivity (ODBC) or in the case of Microsoft SQL Server on OleDB to connect to a database. This means that any database that adheres to the standards of ODBC is suitable to interact with the HIPAA Enrollment Master. ODBC connections have to be set up in Windows first, before you can use this feature. Typically, ODBC connection is established in the Windows Control Panel, with newer versions having the ODBC Data Source Setup under the "Administrative Tools."

OleDB connections use a database specific data access object or dll. The Enrollment Master comes by default with MS SQL Server's data access object. Contact us for a modification if you have a different OleDB provider.


The following setting need to be configured before the database export can be run:

Creating Tables
Setting up Database Connection
Selecting Fields to Export

See also: Creating Company Setup Table.


Follow the instructions below to export the data to a database.

1.Open an EDI file or directory containing the EDI files in the HIPAA Enrollment Master. Read more in Processing a Benefit Enrollment File, Working through an Entire Directory.
The "Open" button
The "Open Directory" menu
2.Select the "Data Export" checkbox.
The "Data Export" option
3.Click on the "Run" button.
The "Run" buttons
4.The "Processing Results" window displays the report.
The "Processing Results" window