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HIPAA Claim Status Responder

Automate 276 status requests.

Save countless hours of customer service representatives (CSR) time for payers and providers by switching to our HIPAA Claim Status Responder.

  • Automate the exchange of 276/277 claim status transactions in real-time to stay in compliance with HIPAA and the ACA.
  • Solve complex tasks and learn how straightforward our solution is to implement.
  • Enable a limitless number of providers to connect electronically while cutting costs and increasing efficiency.



Keeping track of individual claims uses countless hours of CSR’s time on the payers side and for the back office staff on the provider side. Leaving both sides unhappy. Transmitting the status of the claim electronically with the 276/277 set of EDI transactions holds the promise of huge savings and increases of efficiency while delivering overall satisfaction to your provider network.

The HIPAA Claim Status Responder makes it easy for payers to deliver claims status information upon request to the provider. Once a payer configures our HIPAA Claim Status Responder it will automatically handles the following:

  • Receives the 276 request
  • Identifies the claims
  • Pulls the status information
  • Sends the 277 response
  • Add our HIPAA RealTime Server to enable real time transactions

For a complete EDI claims solution add our HIPAA Claim Master and HIPAA Claim Payment Master to handle the following:

  • Electronic claims (837)
  • Payments (835)
  • Claim status (276/277)

In addition the Claim Status Responder has an intuitive interface that allows those with low volumes of claim status requests to create responses in manual mode. This mode will be ideal for troubleshooting errors and other EDI related issues with new trading partners.

The automatic response mode will make things much more efficient and truly save costs for your organization. We designed and developed our software to be simple and easy to set up with no complicated configuration steps. Keep your data in-house. The HIPAA Claim Status Responder is easy to implement and compatible with all major databases. You’re in control of your own data and it will record any incoming and outgoing transactions for transparency.

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The only way to create a responses to a 276 request is by understanding it. Unfortunately these are extremely complex transactions. This is where the HIPAA Claim Status Responder parses the information in a 276 claim status request file and then displays this information on forms. From these forms a user can compose the response and our software will package it into a 277 EDI file that is sent back to the requester.

Ideal for those organizations that have deal with a few electronic requests or those who need an in-depth analysis tool to troubleshoot EDI issues with trading partners. Requests and responses are saved in the database for full accountability. Outgoing files can be validated for HIPAA compliance.

Manage the status of claims with our HIPAA Claim Status Responder. Download the free trial today! >




For a payer to truly benefit from the EDI 276/277 claim status transactions is by automating the whole process of receiving and responding to these electronic requests.

How does this get solved? The HIPAA Claim Status Responder knows how to turn a request into a response using your claim data. This is done after the initial setup process where you’ll connect your data with our software. Our EDI exchange module handles all the protocols, encryption and transport making this a complete HIPAA compliance solution.

Save money and time by automating with our HIPAA Claim Status Responder. Download the free trial today! >



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Become CORE compliant with HIPAA RealTime Server. Getting your responses done in real time to become CORE compliant is now an option with our new RealTime Server software.

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