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Use The 834 and Save.

Switch to EDI and use the 834 transaction with our indispensable tool for handling electronic healthcare enrollments. Manage enrollment records with:

  • Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE)
  • Government Health agencies
  • Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Insurance companies, brokers and carriers
  • IPA’s, pension and benefits plans



The EDI 834 transaction set embodies a Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance record and follows HIPAA 5010 standards. The exchange is between the insurance carrier and a plan sponsor. The sponsor is an entity that pays and organizes benefits to its members. Enrollment records contain demographic information on the insured and the details of their coverage.

The most common features are:

  • Browse 834 EDI files
  • View enrollment record as a form
  • All cryptic codes are translated into their descriptions
  • Print and save enrollment records in PDF or TIFF format
  • Export enrollments as tab-delimited or Microsoft Excel files
  • Export enrollment and benefit data to any database
  • Create 834 EDI files from your database
  • Built-in HIPAA compliance check
  • Automate processing, manage 999’s, TA1’s and more

HIPAA Enrollment Master is the best EDI software tool for the 834 file format.

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Our forms are developed to explain in-depth the content of an electronic enrollment record. EDI files are notoriously difficult to understand. They were designed to enable data exchange between computer systems, not humans. The same goes for the 834 enrollment transaction. We developed the HIPAA Enrollment Master as a tool to view each record in a simple and clear format.

No more cryptic codes, every value is translated into their proper description. The individual benefits are well formatted to data elements only used by Health Insurance Exchanges are clearly portrayed.

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Getting EDI data integrated with your system is the biggest task when adopting electronic processes. Our HIPAA Enrollment Master will export that data in an 834 EDI file and save it into your database. After that you will be able to apply your own processes and business rules.

HIPAA Enrollment Master supports the following database’s:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2
  • ODBC compliant database

The HIPAA Enrollment Master stages your data in 3 tables. Within the schema it contains the full complexity of the HIPAA 834 EDI format. Feel free to customize tables anyway you wish and update the data in order to recreate the 834.

Discover why the HIPAA Enrollment Master is the best tool for managing electronic enrollment records. Download the free trial today! >


MAKE 834’S

MAKE 834’S

In many cases where a payer receives enrollment records in 834 format, they are required to send those records updated with their membership information back to government agencies and sponsors in the same format. This is especially true if a payer wants to participate with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE’s).

The HIPAA Enrollment Master is designed with this process in mind and will create an 834 EDI file from enrollment records stored within the database, using the same tables that it writes to when exporting EDI enrollment data.

The optional EDI Exchange component with it compliance engine will then check each record and even withhold it from processing if HIPAA compliance errors have been found.

It does not matter whether the enrollment records came into the database from an EDI file or if the tables are populated by another process.

Discover why the HIPAA Enrollment Master is the best tool for managing electronic enrollment records. Download the free trial today! >



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Add This Product To Your Configuration

Handle Claims with the HIPAA Claim Master. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who:

  • View electronic claims in any format
  • Export claim data to any database
  • Create 837 claim files
  • Create claim image

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