The HIPAA Claim Master-837 Transactions Claim Form

837 HIPAA EDI Transactions Claims made easy

The HIPAA Claim Master is an advanced software application for electronic healthcare claims. It gives you complete control over every aspect of the HIPAA 837 transaction.

Export Electronic Claims to any Database

The HIPAA Claim Master can export each claim to practically any ODBC aware database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL or even Microsoft Access. The claim data is then accessible to your applications. The claim image can be recreated from the database.

Create 837 EDI transaction files from Database Records

Claim records in the database can be exported as HIPAA 837 EDI files. You can populate the claim tables through your own processes and our software creates the EDI files. And in conjunction with EDI Exchange any outgoing records are checked for HIPAA compliance and those that don't conform can be removed.

Electronic Claim Imaging

Each 837 electronic claim can be rendered in a claim form as either UB04, CMS-1500 and ADA 2006 or the older UB92, HCFA-1500 or ADA2000 Standard 837 claim forms. These images can be viewed on screen, printed or turned into image files (PDF and TIFF). PDF Images are searchable. Image files can be added and imported to an image management system. Special pages are created to display content that has no representation on the forms.

Manual Claim Entry and Claim Editing

New claims can be added manually to the database with our HIPAA Claim Entry module. Once they are stored in the database, one can create HIPAA compliant claim files from those manually entered claims. Any claim that is in the database can be edited in contextual screens with all codes translated.

Overview of the Features:

  • A built-in EDI translator that parses the information from the electronic claim files.
  • Standard claim forms, CMS-1500, UB 04, ADA 2006 are rendered electronically. No pre-printed forms are needed. The forms are exact facsimiles of the standard forms and align precisely with the originals.
  • Data from the electronic claims is then displayed in those forms.
  • Additional forms that display information that does not fit on the standard forms such as COB adjudication data or medical specialty information is displayed on additional pages with translated code sets.
  • Four output modes:
    • Screen
    • Printer
    • Image file (TIFF or PDF)
    • Export data to external database
  • Database tables contain nearly every field within the EDI file, searchable and ready for your applications.
  • Handles HIPAA 837 I, 837 P, 837 D and 837 R
  • Create 837 EDI files from database records
  • Enter and edit claims in the database
  • Automate processing in combination with the Windows scheduler
  • Compliance check, encryption and trading partner management with optional EDI Exchange module


The HIPAA Claim Master works with both the 4010 and 5010 EDI version format of and even allows to translate 4010 claims into 5010 claims and vice versa.