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HIPAA Authorizer

The best way to become CORE® compliant.





Providing healthcare services and finding out they are not covered or authorized is a major headache to providers. The handling of prior authorizations is a major burden on payers and providers. The potential for savings are huge by going electronic and will change the way we manage prior-authorizations and pre-approvals. The 278 EDI transaction set is used for authorization requests and services review.

It will raise the quality of the healthcare in the following ways:

  • Avoid delays in treatments
  • Reduce prescription abandonment
  • Save on the processing of prior authorizations
  • Eliminate unpaid services
  • Increase patient satisfaction

Our HIPAA Authorizer is the best tool for payers and for providers to handle prior-authorizations electronically.

For providers our HIPAA Authorizer handles prior-authorizations. Enter requests, send them to the payer and see the responses.

Utilization Management Organizations (UMO) will save the insurance companies money by managing diseases more efficiently, while helping patients. Receive electronic authorization requests from a provider, understand and adjudicate the requests, send the 278 responses back to providers or pass them on to payers.

For Payers the HIPAA Authorizer can receive requests from providers, UMO’s or clearing houses. Deny or approve authorizations through a software interface or manually. Create 278 EDI responses and send to providers.

Health Care Worker and Elderly Man




Providers save a lot of money and avoid delays in treatment for their patients by using electronic authorizations.

The HIPAA Authorizer helps doctors, hospitals and other providers save money by going electronic with their authorization related transactions.

With our HIPAA Authorizer you can:

  • Enter authorization requests fast and easy
  • Send 278 requests immediately or in batch mode to payers
  • Receive and process 278 responses
  • Support real-time CORE Phase IV
  • Automate 278 requests and responses
  • Tie-in your existing IT system and processes

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Payers and Utilization management organizations (UMO) can save billions and improve their subscribers medical services by using electronic authorizations. Everyone knows in the healthcare industry that prior-authorizations are a high cost factor. The only way to improve things, is to make the process electronic and use the 278 transaction set required by HIPAA.

We created a solution and it is the HIPAA Authorizer software. It allows payers to improve their bottom line and discover the savings of going electronic with prior-authorizations. Be a leader in the industry and comply with the new CORE Phase IV requirements to improve business.

With our HIPAA Authorizer you can:

  • Receives 278 requests
  • Displays request on screen in manual mode
  • Allows you to adjudicate and send responses
  • Supports multiple databases
  • Stores requests and responses
  • Ties in with your existing IT system and processes
  • Supports real-time transactions with our HIPAA RealTime Server

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