HIPAA Software Suite – EDI Healthcare Transactions

Our PRODUCTS and the EDI Healthcare Transactions They Serve

837 HIPAA Claim MasterHIPAA Claim Master handles all aspects of 837 electronic claims transactions. Imaging, database export, manual claim entry and 837 EDI creation from database

834 HIPAA EnrollmentMasterHIPAA Enrollment Master handles imaging, database export, EDi file creation from database for the 834 enrollment transaction

835 HIPAA Claim Payment MasterHIPAA Claim Payment Master does imaging, database export, EDI file creation from Database for the 835 remittance advice transaction

820 HIPAA Premium Payment MasterHIPAA Premium Payment Master does imaging, database export, EDI file creation from database for the 820 premium payment trans. action

270 & 271 HIPAA Eligibility ResponderHIPAA Eligibility Responder is designed to give payers HIPAA compliance in regard to the 270/271 transaction sets without a big investment.

276 & 277 HIPAA Claim Status ResponderHIPAA Claim Status Responder is designed to allow payers to receive and respond to 276 claim status requests with 277 transactions.

278 HIPAA AuthorizerHIPAA Authorizer Creates 278 requests, responds to them with 278 response transactions with database support

EDI ExchangeEDI Exchange is our EDI front end application. It will work with all our products and only one license per computer is needed per computer

HIPAAsuiteHIPAAsuite Complete, the basket of our software for payers with applications for all 12 HIPAA mandated transaction sets and EDI Exchange at a generous discount.

Provider Specific Products

270 & 271 HIPAA Eligibility CheckerHIPAA Eligibility Checker is designed for providers to create 270 Eligibility Requests and receive, display and export to database 271 Eligibility Responses.

276 & 277 HIPAA Claim Status CheckerHIPAA Claim Status Checker is designed for providers to create 276 Claim Status Requests and receive, display and data export 277 Claim Status Responses.


Powerful Solutions for HIPAA EDI transactions in the Healthcare Industry

  • Work confidently with HIPAA EDI transaction sets
  • Integrate EDI healthcare transactions into your data infra-structure and maintain your investment
  • Common sense HIPAA software solutions that make you productive from Day One
  • Simple to use yet delivering the full complexity of electronic(EDI) healthcare transactions

HIPAAsuite software products have one clear purpose:

Make EDI healthcare transactions easy and affordable.

There is no doubt that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is very complicated, especially EDI healthcare transactions or HIPAA transactions as they are often referred to. After all EDI is designed for computer systems to talk to each other, not humans. HIPAAsuite has HIPAA software products that translate EDI to our human level.
They display EDI data streams in familiar forms and translate cryptic transaction set codes into their full description. They also export EDI data into your database system, regardless of manufacturer. They can even create EDI files from your database in many cases. And with the EDI Exchange module they manage trading partner relationships, handle encryption and the secure transport of EDI files.