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Master every aspect of 837 Electronic Claims.

Discover the full potential of 837 EDI Transactions:

  • Process electronic claims and export them to your database.
  • View electronic claims in the standard claim forms.
  • Create electronic 837 claims.
  • Produce claims status transactions and many more!



Since HIPAA became law and introduced EDI healthcare in 2003, medical claims that providers submit to payers are in electronic format of the HIPAA 837 standard. Those claims are machine readable and this helps with cutting costs within the whole industry. Even though the 837 EDI transaction is extremely complex and difficult to manage, now with our HIPAA Claim Master the 837 can be read and understood by anyone.

View every medical claim in a 837 file in its familiar format. Here are just a few of the formats supported:

  • Professional (CMS 1500)
  • Institutional (UB-04)
  • Dental (ADA 2012)
  • Ambulance transport
  • Chiropractic
  • Post-adjudicated claims (X298, X299, X300)
  • And many more!

Exporting EDI claims is notoriously difficult because of it’s structure. Our HIPAA Claim Master will extract all the information and accurately save it into your database. Learn more

Entering a compliant claim is the easiest part of your day with our data entry forms. Once the claim is saved in a HIPAA compliant format then you can edit it at any time. Learn more

Create 837 from your database. All claims in the database can be written to an 837 file and sent to any trading partner. Import your data into our software and let it handle the EDI part.

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Electronic claims are written for computers and that makes it difficult for a human to understand. People working in healthcare facilities must instantly recognize what the electronic claim is all about. How?

The HIPAA Claim Master makes it possible and convenient. The HIPAA Claim Master displays the electronic claims in the standard claim forms; the CMS 1500, the UB04, and the ADA 2012 - respectively. This is how exactly the healthcare workers used to view the information presented to them in a healthcare system. A strong advantage that only HIPAA Claim Master has the ability to offer.

Hipaa Claim Master makes it easy in the following ways:

  • Easy-to-Read Information - Non-Experts in EDI cannot understand the details of the information in an 837 EDI claims file. Worry no more because the easy viewing of electronic files in standard forms are readily available in HIPAA Claim Master. Standard forms don’t contain all the fields of the EDI 837 format, but we have created other forms to display every bit of information in a way that is easy to understand and with all codes translated.
  • Easy-to-Access Information - The HIPAA Claim Master parses one claim after another and displays it on the screen. In other words, easy access of information from a multi-page electronic claims. You’ll be able to find the correct claims with our search feature.
  • Easy-Way-to-Print Information - Of course, these images can be printed as well in exactly the same way the images can be saved as an image file. Either TIFF or PDF format will do.

Discover why the HIPAA Claim Master is the best EDI viewer for HIPAA claims. Download the free trial today! >




Save your time and money with the HIPAA Claim Master’s ability to export electronic claims. Importing and exporting from a file to database is no easy task. EDI Translators on the market are often expensive and will take a long time to learn. Our software will export the data from electronic claims to any database. It can help providers by producing the 277CA claim acknowledgement. Needless to say, all this will improve your business productivity.

We assume that you have your own database infrastructure whether it is Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 or any other ODBC compliant database. The HIPAA Claim Master creates two tables to where all the claim data will be exported and saved. Take the data you need for your processes and apply your own business rules.

The HIPAA Claim Master exports all the data fields that are on the standard claim forms plus all other segments that have no representation on the forms, such as:

  • Repricing information
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Vision
  • Home Health
  • Ambulance Transport and other medical specialties
  • COB information including detailed adjudication data for two additional payers.
  • Additional identifiers for all providers and NPI's
  • And many more!

Try the HIPAAsuite Claim Master now to see how quick and simple it is to use. Download the free trial today!




If you’re still getting paper claims and need to convert them to the 837 electronic format, our feature for entering claims will have you covered. It’s designed from the ground up around the 837. Modifying and resubmitting claims is easy now with our HIPAA Claim Master. Here’s a list of features and benefits:

  • Enter claims manually into the database.
  • HIPAA Compliant and validated.
  • Convert manually entered claims into 837 EDI files.
  • User-friendly interface for non-experts and healthcare workers.
  • Design to enter compliant claims with speed and accuracy.
  • Edit any claims in the database.

Discover why the HIPAA Claim Master is the best tool for claim entry. Download the free trial today!


MAKE 837'S

MAKE 837'S

If you need to create claim files in 837 format and you’re concerned about the sheer complexity, fear no more. The HIPAA Claim Master offers a simple and proven process to accomplish these goals.

The HIPAA Claim Master handles everything related to EDI and files will be checked for HIPAA compliance. Acceptance by all trading partners is guaranteed.

  • Any claim that comes through EDI can be exported as EDI
  • Smoothly import your claims into our database schema
  • Manually enter claims with no issues
  • Send EDI files is a snap with built-in FTP and sFTP capabilities
  • Keep data secure with the integration of PGP and open source encryption
  • Produce EDI acknowledgments: TA1, 999 or 277CA (these require no more than a checkmark)

Contact our HIPAAsuite Support service to get help importing your data today! Or you can learn more through our video tutorials and help documentation.




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Coming soon



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Add This Product To Your Configuration

Handle Payment with the HIPAA Claim Payment Master. HIPAA Claim Payment Master brings you to the next level:

  • Create 835 payment advice transactions
  • Pay your claims with ACH
  • View and understand 835 EDI files
  • Export and save 835 EDI files
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