The HIPAAsuite Complete software

HIPAAsuite Complete, our all-in-one HIPAA software solution is being retired. HIPAAsuite was written in VB6, a computer language that was last released in 1996 and is not supported anymore. Over the last few years we completely rewrote the individual parts of HIPAAsuite in C# and the Microsoft .Net framework. We feel now it is the time to move completely to the new platform and retire HIPAAsuite VB6 and replace it with the whole array of HIPAAsuite software at a discount.

HIPAAsuite Complete is now the package of all our individual HIPAA EDI products

ProductBase PriceDatabase ConnectionImage File CreationEDI File CreationTotal
HIPAA Authorizer$2,500includedN/Aincluded$2,500
HIPAA Claim Master$2,000$2,000$1,000$1,000$6,000
HIPAA Claim Payment Master$400$600$500$1,000$2,500
HIPAA Enrollment Master$1,500$2,000$1,000$1,000$5,500
HIPAA Premium Payment Master$1,000$1,000$500$1,000$3,500
HIPAA Eligibility Responder$2,500includedN/Aincluded$2,500
HIPAA Claim Status Responder$2,500includedN/Aincluded$2,500
EDI Exchange$2,000includedN/AN/A$2,000
Grand Total$27,000
HIPAAsuite Complete$20,000