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The HIPAA Claim Status Responder: Pricing Info

How much does HIPAA Claim Status Responder cost?

  • The HIPAA Claim Status Responder costs $2,500 for one licensed seat.
  • Each additional seat is
    • $1,000 for 1 through 3 users
    • $600 for 4 to 10 users
    • $250 for 10 to 20 users
    • a site license for unlimited use is $10,000
  • The yearly maintenance fee that guarantees upgrades and support is 20% of the sale price

Is the source code available?

The source code for the HIPAA Claim Status Responder is available for in-house development under strict non-compete rules. Please contact us for details and pricing.

The source code also can be placed in escrow with a software escrow agency. It would be released under certain circumstances. The cost for software escrow range generally between $400 and $1,000 per year and would have to be paid by the beneficiary.