Selecting Fields to Export

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Once you have created your tables and tested connection and table names, you can select which fields to export. The HIPAA Enrollment Master can export most of the elements in an 834 file.

Follow the instructions below.

1. Select Data Export arrow Connection and Data Fields in the main menu.

The "Connection and Data Fields" menu

2. You will be confronted with the following screen where you can set up the database connection and enter the names of the database tables.

The "Database and Field Export" window

3. Choose the fields to be exported by selecting checkboxes in front of the fields.

Tip: We recommend selecting all fields. This will ensure that the individual enrollment record can be re-created and displayed or the proper EDI file can be created from the database.

Tip: Make sure that you have that field in the database. Otherwise a database error will occur.


File Level Data
Header Data
Insured Information
Incorrect Information
Mailing Address
Employer Information
School Information
Custodian Information
Responsible Party Information
Drop off Location
Disability Information


Benefit Data
Provider Information
COB Information

Tip: Sometimes it might be necessary to rename a field or fields. Some legacy databases want upper case only or lower case only field names. The HIPAA Enrollment Master allows you to rename any field in any table. Click twice (not double-click) on a field to enter to the "Edit" mode.


The field selection list in "Edit" Mode

Reporting Categories

Other identifiers and reports
Effective Dates


4. Once you have made your selection or selected all you have to test your setup. Click on the "Test Configuration" button. The program will go through each table and check if the selected field exists.

The "Test Configuration" button

5. You should receive this message. Click "OK."

The success message

If you have any errors, refer to Troubleshooting.

6. Only after the configuration checks out are you allows to save it. Click the "Save Field Configuration" button.

The "Save Field Configuration" button