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HIPAA Claim Status Checker - Setup and Database Connection

This video goes in detail through connecting the HIPAA CLaim Status Responder to a database server and creating the relevant tables with the scripts that are supplied.

HIPAA Claim Status Checker - Sending Requests and Receiving Responses

Once you have created your 276 claim status request, you have to send it to the carrier to receive an answer. This video goes in detail through the process of sending requests and receiving 277 responses with the HIPAA Claim Status Checker.


HIPAA Claim Status Checker - Using the work place grid to keep track of your requests

This video explains how to work with claim status requests once they have been entered. Requests with be written to file, send to a trading partner and real-time responses received, stored and translated into readable forms. It all is controlled in the work place. From here every function can be accessed. Reading 276, Reading 277, Sending requests, Viewing raw EDI.


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