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HIPAAsuite Complete for providers

Complete HIPAA EDI at an unbeatable price.

Becoming HIPAA compliant can be simple if you buy our HIPAAsuite Complete. You get all our products in one package at a discounted price. Stay ahead of the healthcare industry mandates and don’t worry anymore about HIPPA EDI. It includes the 837 Claim processing, 835 Claim payments, 834 Enrollments and much more!




Often our customers buy multiple product to set up their EDI processing. For organizations who need multiple software products for HIPAA EDI processing, we offer HIPAAsuite Complete.

The needs for EDI software differ between payers and provider. HIPAAsuite put two packages together that contain the full array of HIPAA EDI software that a payer or provider can use.

HIPAAsuite Complete is now a package of all our individual HIPAA EDI products priced at a discount

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Providers have different needs. They don't need to respond to eligibility or claim status request, they need to create those requests. That's why we took from this package the responder applications and the HIPAA RealTime Server out and replaced them with the HIPAA Eligibility Checker and HIPAA Claim Status Checker.

Our HIPAAsuite Complete software package for payers provides the following functions:

  • Create 837 electronic claims
  • Handle 278 prior-authorizations
  • Receive and process 835 payment transactions
  • Master the 834 EDI enrollment transaction
  • Manage 820 EDI premium payments
  • Create 270 eligibility request
  • Create 276 claims status request
  • Built-in real-time client
  • Trading partner management
  • EDI transport
  • 999 Functional Acknowledgement
  • EDI editor included

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