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HIPAA Health Plan Package

A package for managing the claim life cycle from start to finish. Includes HIPAA Claim Master 837, HIPAA Claim Payment Master 835, HIPAA Claim Status Responder 276/277, HIPAA Eligibility Responder 270/271, HIPAA RealTime Server and HIPAA EDI Exchange.

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HIPAA Claim Master Overview

Advanced application that manages all aspects of healthcare claims and processes your daily 837 transactions.

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HIPAA Claim Payment Master Overview

Effectively transforms your 835 files into precise, readable forms that take all the guesswork out of payment Information.

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HIPAA Claim Status Responder Overview

Substantially reduces time spent researching claim status queries and automate the exchange of 276/277.

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HIPAA Eligibility Responder Overview

Serves up patient insurance eligibility data in real time, offering HIPAA and CORE compliance for 270/271 transactions.

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HIPAA RealTime Server Overview

A self hosted web service that is CORE Phase I + II compliant. It handles SOAP and MIME requests in batch or real-time mode.

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HIPAA EDI Exchange Overview

Securely transports EDI files, manages trading partners, and performs HIPAA compliance checks.

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