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Errors while Configuring Database

Study the errors in detail and see what went wrong.

Fields do not exist

This error means the fields do not exist in the database that you specified.

The error screen you will see if the field selection contains non-existing fields

In our example, our best option is to click the "Uncheck the Fields in Error" button and return to the field selection screen.

The fields in error are now unchecked

Error while establishing connection

If the ODBC connection is not set properly, you can receive an error message like this:



Errors while Data Export

When you start exporting claims into the staging tables, you might encounter errors at first. This usually results from table definition issues. The HIPAA Enrollment Master displays a detailed error message that tells you which claim failed, at what field and if applicable which line. This information should help you to troubleshoot the problems.

By carefully analyzing the message, you can clearly identify the problem and eliminate those errors quickly. Feel free to consult with support if you run into problems.

Below you can find a number of typical error messages.


Error writing to a table

Below is an error message. It tells that the Table EDI_Enrollment is missing the column "MaintenanceType."

Error in the Header Table

Error in the Detail Table


Error: The data type in the target database does not allow certain characters or nulls

Error: The column width is too small for the data