Using the Command Line Arguments 1 (CLI)

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The first part is for those who don't not have the EDI Exchange module enabled!

In order to run the HIPAA Enrollment Master from the command line or have it invoked through another program, it is necessary to pass command line arguments to the program to instruct it to perform the desired tasks.

Command line arguments are separated by commas.

1.The first argument after the program name is the file or directory name where the source EDI files are located. The application automatically finds out if this argument is a file or a directory.
2.The second argument indicates the output option. Valid arguments are:
P - Printer
A - ASCII file
E - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
I - TIFF or PDF image file. If "I" is used as an argument, the claim will be saved as a TIFF or PDF file.
See Creating Image Files from EDI for details on how to set up the Image printing capabilities.
Be sure that you have tested the Image printing, before trying the command line mode.
X - Database export



This example calls the HIPAA Enrollment Master's executable and gives a folder path as first argument and specifies database export(X) as second argument.

"C:\Program Files\HIPAAsuite\HIPAA Enrollment Master\HIPAAEnrollmentMaster.exe" C:\Inbox\EDI,X

Example 1 command entered to the Command Prompt


Using Command Prompt

Follow the instructions below to use the command-line arguments in Windows Command Prompt.

1.Start a Windows Command Prompt. Go to Start arrow Programs arrow Accessories arrow Command Prompt.
Alternatively, you can go to Start arrow Run arrow type "cmd" without quotes and press <Enter>.
2.Type your command and click Enter.

The Windows Command Prompt screen


The command returns a system code which is not displayed to the users:

-1 means error
0 means everything went okay

Testing the command line requires that you check the log (See Accessing Logs). In the log, you may see a message like following:


Processing of 'C:\EDI\Inbox\835' started at 3/12/2012 9:21:11 AM

                Printer is not found in system

                Processing stopped at 3/12/2012 9:21:11 AM

The log will help you to debug the command line.

The "Transaction Log" window