Upgrading the Program

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By default, the program checks for updates automatically. When the new version is out, you will see an update report on the "Changes in Versions" window. It shows which changes have been made and displays all differences between your version and the current version. To continue with update, click "Update."

The "Changes in Versions" screen with highlighted "Update" button

Then you will need to re-certify the application.

Specify a location on you local PC where to download to download the new version.

The "Save as" window with the "Save" button highlighted

Then the program will start downloading.

The "Downloading HIPAAEnrollmentMaster" popup

Then you will need to install the application.

The application installation window with the "Next>" button highlighted

Manual Updates

To switch off automatic updates and stick with the version you have, go select Setup arrow Options in the main menu.

The "Options" menu

Alternatively, you can click on the "Options" button located on the main toolbar.

The "Options" button

The following screen will appear. Check the "Never check for update" option.

The "Options" window

Then click "Save."
The "Save" button


To update the application manually, go to Help arrow Check for Update in the main menu.

The "Check for Updates" menu item