Reporting an Issue

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HIPAAsuite like to make bug fixes fast and transparent. For this purpose we include a Bug tracker with the HIPAA Enrollment Master. btnet, Bugtracker in ASP.Net is an open source project. HIPAAsuite implemented Bugtracker.Net in all its products to track bugs and enhancements. One of the reason we liked btnet was the screen capture capabilities. We adapted and included this facility.

1.You can reach the Issue Tracker under the Help menu. Click on Help arrow Report an Issue in the main menu.
Help_Report an Issue
The "Report an Issue" menu item
Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + I key combination on your keyboard to call the Issue Tracker. Some screens do not give you access to the menu while they are open, but the key combination Crtl + I will call up the issue tracker report screen.
2.Click on "Capture" to snap a picture of your screen.
The "Capture" button
3.Using the mouse, select the area to make a screenshot which can be attached to the bug report later.
Selecting the area
4.Once you release the mouse button, the screen capture image appears in the program.
Screen capture image in the BugTracker
You can enhance your screenshot with drawings. By pressing any key and holding down the mouse while over the canvas, you can highlight in yellow, free draw in red or make red arrows. Choose the desired option.
BugTracker_drop-down menu
Options for drawing in the BugTracker
You can highlight sections as shown below.
Highlighting a section
You can draw circles as displayed on the following screen-shot.
Circling a section
You can point arrows to pinpoint your concerns.
Drawing an arrow
5.Then enter as much information into the Description field as possible.
Description field
6.Now enter your email address so that we can get in contact with you.
Email Address field
7.Indicate whether this is a new bug or a follow up on an existing issue.
BugTracker_new bug
Options selection
8.Then click on "Send."
Send button
9.Once the bug information has been submitted successfully, you will receive a notification. Click "OK."
BugTracker notification
10.Then you will receive an email such this.
Issue report on email
Issue report
11. Later you will get updates on the issue by email.