Browsing Exported Data

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You can access the enrollment records in the database. Follow the instructions below.

1.Select Database arrow Stored Enrollments in the main menu.
The "Stored Enrollments" menu option
2.The "Stored Enrollments" window opens. The application immediately accesses all the records in the database and selects the first record of the set to display. The window allows you to navigate through the records; to create queries and select a certain subset of your records.
Stored Enrollments
The "Stored Enrollments" window
3.To access only the records that you want to see or work with, you can enter a SQL query into the text box on top and click "Execute Query."
Stored Enrollments_Execute Query
The query field and the "Execute Query" button
Alternatively, type a desired value in the text boxes below and click on "Query".
Stored Enrollments_specified
Specify values in the fields and click "Query"
You can also use the "Build your own query" tab.
Stored Enrollments_build your own query
The "Build your own query" tab
4.To preview a record in a separate window, click on the "View Record" button.
Stored Enrollments_View Record
The "View Record" button
A preview window will open.
The "View Enrollment Record" window

Clicking on the "Create 834" button is described in Creating 834 EDI Files from the Attached Database.

Stored Enrollments_Create 834 EDI File
The "Create 834 EDI File" button