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Pricing for the Hipaasuite for Providers

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We sell our software with the basic features. You're able to buy additional features and configure a system with the additional options below to handle all of your system requirements. Buy our EDI software for a single user or for multiple users and take advantage of the volume discount pricing. The yearly maintenance fee that guarantees upgrades and support is 20% of the sale price.


Single User:

  • Hipaasuite for Providers (one license)
  • $ 20,000.00
  • Features that are included:
    - Create 837 electronic claims
    - Handle 278 prior-authorizations
    - Receive and process 835 payment transactions
    - Master the 834 EDI enrollment transaction
    - Manage 820 EDI premium payments
    - Create 270 eligibility request
    - Create 276 claims status request
    - Built-in real-time client
    - Trading partner management
    - EDI transport
    - 999 Functional Acknowledgement
    - EDI editor included

Additional features:

  • There are no additional features for this product.


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    • Single User

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