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I just purchased a HIPAAsuite software and received the activation key. When I attempt an online activation the activation key that I inputed changes to the old trial key. 

See below where I tried to enter the activation key:

Entering Activation Key Screenshot

After clicking the "Activate" button a pop up message states that my trial has expired. Then I click "Ok" and the registration form reloads with the old expired registration number.

See a screenshot below:

Expired Trial Key Loading In Activation Key Screenshot

Explanation: Your activation key does not stick because you don't have sufficient rights to your Windows.

Solution 1: Run the application as an administrator.

  1. Use the windows explorer to navigate to C:\program files\HIPAAsuite\HIPAA_ProductName\HIPAA_ProductName.exe
    NOTE: you would replace "_ProductName" with your actual product.
  2. Right click the executable and click on "Run As Administrator". 
  3. Now activate online.

In most cases this will make your product key work properly. 

Solution 2: Even administrators do not have sufficient rights to write to Windows. 

  1. Log out of the machine and have the Administrator of the local machine log in. 
  2. NOTE: Not someone with right, but the actual Administrator. You may need the network support to make this work. 
  3. The Administrator can enter in the activation key now to make the software work. 
on Wednesday December 28 by HIPAAsuiteAdmin
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Answer: Submit a request to your network administrator to allow access to external license server over TCP port 80.

on Thursday February 22 by kaidowhims
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