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Answer: Create a Batch script that changes the registry entries for the
table names and run this script before you import your files. Create
another script to change it back.

Here is a simple example:

Registry before running commandRegistry before running command

Command to change Enrollment Header value

reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HIPAAEnrollmentMaster\Database Server" /v EnrollmentHeader /t REG_SZ /d EDI_Members2 /f

Has to executed as Administrator!!!Command to change Enrollment Header value  reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HIPAAEnrollmentMaster\Database Server" /v EnrollmentHeader /t REG_SZ /d EDI_Members2 /f  Has to executed as Administrator!!!

Registry after executing commandRegistry after executing command

on Wednesday August 16 by kaidowhims
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Everything is working great except I can’t seem to get the FTP Client working. Each time I click on FTP Client, I receive the below error. I tried submitting a “Report an issue” using the software tool, but I can’t get the tool to snippet the actual error so I’m sending via email. Do you have someone on your technical team that can look into this? I’ve downloaded the 64 bit version, but it still doesn’t work. Should it be 32 or 64 bit? Also, what version of .Net Framework is this for?



I really need to get the FTP client working, but i am unable to because of the error i continue to receive regarding the ChilkatDotNet46.dll file. Can you please connect me with a member of your technical team so I can finish getting the 270 batch automation setup?



I just checked today and found out that your EDI Exchange key is not active in our licensing system.


Thank you again for helping me fix this. I just tried sending a test email from within the EDI Exchange Setup and received the same error, a little lengthier than the first one, but same ChilkatDotNet46.dll assemply message. Just wanted you to know it’s happening from the FTP Client and when attempting to send email.




Please uninstall the software and reinstall the latest version AS Administrator.
This is important. Let me know if this solves the issue, otherwise we will try a remote session


I will uninstall/reinstall the software as administrator. We originally installed the software from a user who is a member of the administrator group on the server. This usually works fine. But I will reinstall as administrator and see if that fixes the problem. Do I need to do this for both Eligibility Checker and EDI Exchange?


I have uninstalled the Eligibility Checker and EDI Exchange software and reinstalled both as the administrator. I run a 64-bit operating system, so I installed the 65-bit software. Even after doing this, I receive the same error regarding the ChilkatDotNet46.dll assembly cannot be found. When I look in the folder the software created upon installation, I do see the ChilkatDotNet46.dll. So I’m not sure why it keeps popping up that it cannot be found.



Before we do that, did you run setup.exe or the EligibilityCheckerSetup.msi file?
You need to run Setup as administrators. It checks missing libraries.


I run the EligibilityCheckerSetup.msi file as the administrator. Not that it should matter, but this is being installed on a development server. I will also be installing/configuring it on our production server in the coming week or so, but given the error I keep getting on the dev server, I am inclined to install it on our production server today just to see if I get the same error. Both run Windows Server 2008 r2.


you need to run setup.exe as administrator


Thanks, i missed the run setup.exe as administrator in your previous message. I misread it as run the .msi as administrator. I ran the setup as admin and the FTP client is now working as it should.

Thank you for helping me get this fixed!

on Friday November 17 by shahzad_381
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Answer: We do have the "Build your own query" with each product.

sample queries for pulling data


The interface is similar to Microsoft Access and allows non database experts to formulate complex queries.

on Thursday January 18 by kaidowhims
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  • Microsoft windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2012 - 2016
  • 8GB of RAM for 64 bit
  • 100GB of available hard-disk space

*Only works on windows.

on Friday August 03 by kaidowhims
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We store many values in the Windows registry among them database connectivity and other preferences. Each new user would have to set up the program a new.

on Thursday September 13 by shahzad_381
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Answer: Most likely you have the program open while running the command line. The program must be closed in order to run from the command line. Also, for deployment, the program needs to be configured for the user under whom the command line is run. Don't let a system account run the job because the program has no settings for that user

on Thursday April 11 by shahzad_381
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Answer: There is a log that will tell you what happens each day. Look under Log => Daily Log.  There are also logs for transactions with your trading partners.  Look under EDI Exchange => EDI Receive Log or EDI Exchange => Send Log.

on Thursday April 11 by shahzad_381
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