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834 - HIPAA Enrollment Master

Everything here discusses 834 EDI Transaction related topics

If not, how many will it save (given the proper table configuration)?


We will have 4 levels of COB in the data export.

on Wednesday April 19 by HIPAAsuiteAdmin
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When the Output mode is "Spreadsheet File" and file generated in excel, the "Code Sets translations" happened and the output file holds translated values (Ex: input value of "18" for Relationship translated to "self" and value "XN" in Maintenance Reason Code translated to "Notification Only", etc...). Our current process is able to accept these translated values. But when the configure the tables and done test loads, the values loaded in tables are not translated and showing the raw values like "18", "XN", etc...

Could you please guide us on how to load translated values to the Tables same as in the output excel through the tool itself.


The translations are made with with the aid of an XML file that holds all the codes. C:\ProgramData\HIPAAsuite\HIPAAClaimMaster\Configuration\Config.xml

The file is also the base of all the code set screens in our products. In the file is the relationship code and many other code sets.

The red highlighted program will change based on the program they are using (ie. EnrollmentMaster, ClaimPaymentMaster, etc).

on Friday July 27 by HIPAAsuiteAdmin
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